The easiest detox remedy for overeating during Lunar New Year


Stuffed yourself with pineapple tarts and almond tarts over the long Chinese New Year break? Before you begin to bawl while counting how many calories you’ve inhaled over the past few days, check out our 3 simple detox juices that will definitely cleanse your body and kick start your weight loss regime!

1. ABC with a twist Carrot Apple Beetroot Lemon Ginger
The classic apple beetroot carrot juice — but with an addition of lemon and ginger. If you did not know already, beets are not only a good source of vitamins and dietary fiber, they also contain pigments that break down toxins and purify your blood and liver. Lemons are also high in both vitamins and antioxidants, which will flush out toxins and rid your bloated tummy.

2. Green with envy Cucumber Spinach Apples Parsley Lemon
This green juice may look intimidating at first, but we promise you, it's definitely worth it! Before you cringe at the word “spinach”, get this: spinach contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals that will actually make your skin and body glow! Don’t worry though, we have included apples to make the juice sweeter!

3. Carrots and celery Apples Carrots Celery Lime
This is our favourite of the lot!  Carrots are good for the skin, rich in vitamin A,C,K and antioxidants. Celeries are also incredibly low in calories and high in dietary fibre which is essential for weight loss, as foods high in fibre tend to take longer to eat, which will give you the illusion of being full! Losing weight has never been so easy, right?

These beneficial and easy juice recipes will not only rid the unhealthy toxins in your body, they are also refreshing and yummy. You no longer need to feel guilty about overstuffing yourself this Chinese New Year (and secretly crying over your tight clothes which you swear were a little loose just last week).

Stop feasting, start juicing! (ok maybe just one more pineapple tart...)