Baby bonus Visual Mass is a baby bonus authorised healthcare institution by MSF

You can use the Baby bonus scheme for your kids' glasses!

What is a Baby Bonus Approved Institution?

A Baby Bonus Approved Institution offers educational or healthcare products/services for children, and allows parents to use the Child Development Account (CDA) funds to pay for such expenses.

To learn more, visit Baby Bonus MSF.

What can I buy from Visual Mass using the CDA NETS card?

Any optical-related eye care products and services provided by our optometrist or optician, such as glasses and more. Tip: The CDA can be used by both the account member and his/her siblings!

How can I use the CDA funds at Visual Mass?

All you need to do is bring along the Baby Bonus NETS card issued by the CDA bank when you visit our showroom - valid in-store only.

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