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What is blue light?

Blue Light is light at the high end of the visible light spectrum. The ones with the shortest wavelengths and highest energy are also known as blue-violet or violet light.

Light rays beyond the visible light spectrum are called ultraviolet (UV) rays. High energy UV rays are the ones responsible for your suntan.

Where is blue light?

Almost every source of light - natural or artificial - emits harmful blue light.

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Effects of blue light exposure


High energy UV rays and blue light can boost your risk of eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. These blue lights also cause digital eyestrain - also known as computer vision syndrome - that comes with symptoms which include dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision. Prolonged exposure can also cause retinal damage.


The blue light emitted from electronic devices messes with your sleep cycle. It signals your brain to wake up when it should be winding down by slowing or stopping the release of the sleep hormone - melatonin.

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Who should use it?

Everyone - especially kids and teens as their eye lenses are especially transparent. Young individuals use devices for entertainment, gaming and educational purposes, even more than adults. The prolonged usage results in higher amount of harmful blue light entering the eyes. Therefore, it is beneficial to start taking good care of your eyes from a young age.

Types of blue light filtering lens

PC Blue Lens

This lens helps to filter out the high energy lights using yellow dye which is the opposing or complementary colour of blue.

PC UV420 Lens

By adjusting the dye in the lens material, it helps to block high energy light while the lens stay clear. This lens also helps to filter out a wider range of high energy lights up to 420nm on the spectrum.

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