We're looking for ambitious individuals who believe in themselves and strive only for the best. Let's do amazing things together, especially the ones that matter. We're here to make this world a better place. No rules, only values and ever-growing qualities.

Working at Visual Mass should be exciting.

We're ecstatic to go to work every day, and we like nothing more than to share that excitement with our employees. Each day brings fresh opportunities to learn, grow, and create.

At Visual Mass, it’s all about having fun and being happy.

From weekly happy hour to brunch sessions, we think itʼs important for our employees to have fun and get to know one another beyond the norm of the office routine. We like to keep things joyful around here.

Come join us.

To apply, write to us at HR@visualmass.co.


Job Openings

Retail Marketing Creative & Web
Store Leader Executive Graphic Designer
Store Associate Creative Solutions Photographer
Optometrist / Optician Brand Strategist Web Designer
Marketing Communications