The guide to finding your perfect frame.

Can’t seem to find the right pair of glasses even after trying on endless pairs of frames that never seem to be suitable for you? Maybe you’ve just been trying on the wrong frame. To save you the time and trouble, we have crafted a comprehensive guide for you to help you (finally) find the perfect frame.

Those with an oval face usually have prominent cheekbones and chin that is slightly narrower than the width of your forehead. The oval face shape is the most versatile of all.

Almost any frame will look great on you since you have balanced features. However, be careful not to get too rounded frames as they will undermine your high cheekbones. Highlight and add definition to your cheekbones with a wider frame that has upswept corners that will give the illusion of a slimmer face.

Suggested frames: Hudson, Riley, Brody

Heart face shapes are usually defined by a pointy chin and a broader forehead.

The best type of frame for your face shape should minimise the width of your forehead. Larger frames will create a visual balance for your face, giving the illusion of a smaller forehead. Try square or rectangular frames that adds width your chins and cheeks, therefore drawing attention away to your slightly larger forehead. 

Suggested frames: Brayden, Brianna, Sander 

Round faces are quite similar to oval faces, however, with a rounder chin and fuller cheeks.

Rectangular or square frames will sharpen your features and create the angled definition that your face needs. The angular and wider fit will give your face a slimming effect.

Suggested frames: Lauren, Julian, Jack

Square faces characteristically have a strong bone structure with well-defined jawline and cheekbones.

Due to the nature of your boxier face, you should definitely avoid glasses with thick frames and hard lines that will only cause your face to look even more square. Play around with your facial contours with softened angles such as those with curved and thin lines that will balance your features.

Suggested frames: Camden, Jacob, Connor