Why are glasses so expensive?

Getting a new pair of glasses can be pretty hefty, which is ironic considering how we need them on a daily basis. Yet, we still continue paying more than we should for our favourite brands such as Ray-Ban or Chanel. Despite the wide array of glasses brands in the local optometry store, they are merely present for the illusion of choice. Unlike what most of us believe, the different brands are actually under one large Italian eyewear company, Luxottica. They design and manufacture for the brands we see in stores today. So why are glasses so expensive, you ask. The reality is simple: Luxottica controls most of the business in the glasses industry, making them a monopoly. Their licence agreements with these luxury brands prevents them from sourcing for other manufacturers, making Luxottica their only manufacturer. This is why they are able to set such high prices and make us pay for them when the only difference between the different brands are actually merely the brand logos at the side of the frames. 

We believe that basic eyewear shouldn't cost as much or even more than an iPhone, and that's where we come in. 

We design, manufacture and sell our products, on our own. We remove the middleman so we can pass on the significant amount of savings onto you. This way, you are able to take good care of your eyes with our affordable and quality eyewear without burning a hole in your pocket. We believe in providing good eyewear for everybody at an affordable price because we understand the necessity of good eye care.   

It's simple really, you shouldn't be paying more than you should.