Mid-Week Motivations: SkillShare


Everyone’s a work-in-progress. As a young company, we strive to improve ourselves everyday. What keeps us going is our desire to be better, and do better to meet the demands of each and every customer.

While we’re on the endeavor of improvement, many a times a small office like us may lack the physical guidance that conglomerates have easy access to. However, our fruitful encounters with SkillShare has been more than helpful in overcoming the plateaus of knowledge acquisition. 

SkillShare is a platform where anyone can have access to high-quality knowledge. From Entrepreneurship to Design classes, there are over 11,000 classes to quench your thirst for knowledge. Just browsing the free classes is motivation enough for self-improvement.

Here are three free classes we highly recommend:

Productivity and Time Management: Get More Done 

Frame a Great Shot: Exploring Photo Composition

 Ink & Watercolor Illustrations: The Basics in 5 Steps