getting better everyday

what's your favourite food?
sushi, sushi, sushi...

what item you can't live without?
my phone and instagram!

describe your fashion style.
street fashion with oversized tops and sneakers!

what are your hobbies?
muay thai! i go to classes every single day!

pick your new gateway!
seoul! it's my favourite place to be to get inspiration for new concepts. lots of great cafes to chill at and the city never sleeps.

01 ----- optometry skill
02 ----- photoshop + illustrator skill
03 ----- able to communicate in korean fluently

favourite visual mass eyewear;

gretta in gloss black!

'quitters never win. winners never quit.'

music genre;
my playlist consists of edm, k-pop and the top hits!

> click here to listen to my playlist!