carefree, adventurous and a dreamer

what's your favourite food?
anything with salmon or cheese!

what item you can't live without?
before i start the day, i need my coffee and iphone.

describe your fashion style.
LA streetwear! comfortable yet daring and bold pieces.

what are your hobbies?
i love trying out new things and exploring new places during my free time!

pick your new gateway!
bangkok! good food, shopping and night markets. it's the perfect place for me to escape reality...

01 ----- content curator
02 ----- fashion styling
03 ----- graphic + video editing

favourite visual mass eyewear;

berkley sunglasses!

'today we're younger than we're ever gonna be. so make the most of it.'

music genre;
my playlist is filled with edm and hip hop.

> click here to listen to my playlist!