I&I: The First Collective

We envisioned becoming the alternative to overpriced
and ordinary eyewear by creating an eyewear by creating
an eyewear brand that does not set boundaries by giving
unreasonable prices to you.

The birth of Visual Mass started from an everyday problem that many face: Why is it so difficult to find
modern, stylish glasses that are also affordable? The answer lies in how the industry works. Large corporations
dominate the eyewear industry, jacking up prices so as to reap huge profits from consumers who don’t have
many options. Coupled with the fact that numerous middlemen are involved in the process (external designers,
suppliers, distributors, marketers etc), each adding to the final cost, it’s no wonder that consumers’ wallets are
left wanting.

Tria in Wine Gradation (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/tria?variant=14480531908)

We would do the designing, the liaising with factories, the distribution and the engaging with consumers entirely
by our own — we would take it all on ourselves to do the hard work so you can reap the benefits. With this
approach, we were certain we can provide good quality, good-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the
current market prices.

Tria in Crystal (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/tria?variant=19613881092)

Visual Mass was created to rebel against this system; we
decided to bite the bullet and start this eyewear company.

Our belief paid off. Plying our wares and pitching our brand at flea markets, setting up pop-ups at cafes
and even launching our web store led to us achieving a very encouraging response. By building on the support
of our customers, we grew by leaps and bounds, eventually opening our second store recently at Orchard
Gateway. And now we are here, proud to share with you our brand new look.

Kylie in Gloss Black (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/kylie?variant=1116749156), Xander (https://visualmass.co/collections/sunglasses/products/xander), Ava in Pastel Pink (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/ava?variant=1116752076)

At Visual Mass, we strive never to overcomplicate things. A pair of well-designed prescription glasses are
yours to keep from SGD$95. At these affordable prices, we’d even like to propose to you to get more than
one – eyewear is a versatile accessory that can easily update and change your look, so why not give yourself
options? Go on, browse away.

Tria in Grey Gradation (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/tria?variant=14480532036)

I & I is created to celebrate individualism. While the two
models are photographed together, they do not constitute
as a whole, but are seen as unique individuals.

Tria in Crystal (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/tria?variant=19613881092), Brianna in Demi (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/brianna?variant=1116750340)

Each of them have their own preference and style, but
Visual Mass’ frames are carefully tailored to fit every face
shape, thus catering to their individuality.

Rudy in Vinyl Brown (https://visualmass.co/collections/glasses/products/rudy?variant=22434818308), Xander (https://visualmass.co/collections/sunglasses/products/xander)



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