June 02 2016 The team takes on Bubble Soccer

We hold monthly gatherings to have fun together as a team. Just few days ago, we held May’s gathering playing bubble soccer. Yes, not soccer, but bubble soccer. The game involves placing a huge “bubble” over the upper half of the body, while playing soccer like you will normally do.

We split ourselves into two teams – with our two co-founders Jerial and Eddie as the leader of each team. Starting off with bubble dodgeball, we tested our physical prowess as we tried to eliminate one another by knocking the opponents down. The third round, “bubble captain” was the toughest yet – this game required a little more strategic planning as we had to devise a plan to get our captain to the enemy’s base, while protecting our base simultaneously. And of course, the ultimate game of it all, “bubble soccer”. If you thought playing soccer is tough on its own, donning a giant inflatable suit makes the game almost impossible to play. Even our best soccer players such as Eddie and Lemon (our marketing intern) kept missing the goal despite being experienced players. This game’s definitely a challenge for everybody.

Through these exhilarating few rounds of bubble soccer, some significant memories are stuck in our heads. For one, we found out how Jerial might not have been exercising for a long while (seen from his delirious attempts to get a substitute), and we discovered Bennett’s only strategy while playing – charging forward. This only makes him more prone to our attacks from the side! We also had our fair share of mishaps too: Lemon flipped over a few times with a her legs in the air while Jacinta (our IT intern) fell over while tackling the ball.

We had our much needed break after the months of hard work preparing for the Crystal collection. We would also like to thank you guys for the overwhelming support shown for our Crystal frames. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and upcoming events!