Brunch at Curious Palette

We went back to Curious Palette, and this time, for a lifestyle photoshoot of our upcoming MC Dex collection. Since we missed out on their brunch menu the previous time round, we're back for a promising round of good food and coffee.

We were greeted by not only the fresh aroma of coffee, but the breathtaking sight of the cafe's interior; brightly lit and beautifully decorated with plants, wood and concrete. Even for our second time here, we were still pleasantly surprised by how spacious the cafe was, despite its small presence from afar. 

Starting off with yet another cup of coffee, Eddie, our Co-Founder got his caffeine fix with a cup of magic. Aptly named, a magic is a rendition of the familiar latte, but with more coffee and less milk. Originated in Australia, it isn't hard to find a cup of magic in Singapore anymore, but we had a pretty great one here.

It's safe to say that our favourite dish of the lot was the Truffle Fries that had everybody snatching to get the last piece of fry. We also had Soft Shell Crab Burger, Curious Croque Madamme, Curious Breakfast and the House SmokeSalmon on Sourdough. Needless to say, the food tasted as great as it looked. 

The friendly staff also very kindly lent us a small corner of the cafe to hold a shoot for our new frames. With the backdrop of their wooden aesthetic and sleek space, our frames did look nothing short of amazing. 

Our design intern, Joanna, hard at work! 

Our new frames are available in three versatile colours - black, demi and light demi. 

Thank you Curious Palette for lending us your wonderful space. 

Our MC Dex collection will be up tonight, and we couldn't be more excited either.