Why You Should Get Blue Shield Lenses

We all know that blue light is harmful, but why?

Blue light waves are among the shortest, highest energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum. Due to their short length, these blue or High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths flicker more easily than others; and the constant flickering creates a visual strain and can affect your sharpness and clarity. Consequently, you may experience headaches, physical and mental fatigue and eyestrain as a result of long hours with your computer screens and electronic devices. Since our eyes do not provide us with sufficient protection against blue light rays from these electronic devices or even the sun, prolonged exposure to such may cause retinal damage and contribute to macular degeneration, which might in turn lead to vision loss.

Our Blue Shield PC lenses are specially coated lenses that ensures you stay protected from the blue light emitted from digital screens.

Not only will your eyes feel more comfortable, the coating also further enhances the visual contrasts as seen on digital screens. Here’s something you might not know – you will actually see blue light being reflected off the lens; a sign that the protection is currently at work. With all the good stuff in play, these lenses will aid in preventing a retinal damage in the long term.

 Let’s be honest – whether it’s for play or for work, we are all guilty of spending hours with our eyes fixated on a mobile device or a computer screen. These Blue Shield lenses will come in handy especially for those of you who spend most of your waking hours being exposed to these harmful blue rays.

And to address your concerns; no, these lenses are not hideous at all. You can have the option of either wearing them on top of your contact lenses (or without, if you’ve got perfect eyesight), or to purchase a pair of prescription Blue Shield lenses.

Just top up $50 on top of the normal lenses to add the Blue Shield lens for your glasses. Available for all our frame styles storewide, you wouldn’t need to compromise style for comfort anymore.

Your eye health depends on the type of lens you choose so remember to ask for Blue Shield lens (PC lens) when buying glasses next time!