How to Describe the Taste of Your Coffee

These days, people are starting to shift away from commercialised coffee; where the prevalence and convenience of a cup has now become stale and uninviting. With the third wave of coffee, we begin to appreciate coffee as an artisanal drink, rather than a common good. With the movement into the production of high-quality coffee, we as consumers, begin to feel curious about the cup of coffee we drink; its origin, the method of brewing, as well as the difference in tastes. 

With all the different blends and brewing methods taking the center stage, we'd like you think about how you can describe your favourite cup of coffee. 

These three steps we've created should be an easy guideline for you to describe your favourite coffee: 

1. Smell

Before drinking, the aroma should be inhaled and assessed through the nasal passages. Some descriptive smell words include: burnt, fragrant, musty or chocolatey. After smelling, comes the tasting. You can then look out for its:

2. Acidity

The first thing you taste from the first sip of your coffee is its acidity - for some, the acidity is the best part of the coffee. However, acidity is easily confused with sourness and it is normally described as bright and lively.

3. Flavour

Flavour is the overall effect that the coffee gives, usually, a combination of the taste and smell. It can cover different taste profiles and flavour preferences varies amongst each individual.