The Team’s Favourite Cuppa and What It Says About Them

In line with International Coffee Day, we've decided to share with you the team's favourite cup of coffee and what it says about their personality. 

Sze Li’s favourite: Iced White 

Assertive and outspoken

She enjoys having her coffee with milk, but without sugar. Just like the refreshing and cool iced white, Sze Li is confident around people, and is often not afraid to say what she thinks.

Beckie’s Favourite: Cappuccino

Warm-hearted and sociable

Just like the fancy milk foam and chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles, Beckie brings delight to the people around her.

Lemon’s and Jovita’s favourite: Mocha

Spontaneous and fun-loving

With a generous amount of chocolate added to this coffee drink, both Lemon and Jovita prefer something sweeter as compared to the usual bitter cup. Their preference for something sweet and rich reflects their fun-loving and they will always be the first ones to volunteer for any activity.

Weijie’s Favourite: Latte

Imaginative and cautious

"Latte is always a safe choice," Weijie says. "You can never go wrong with it." The classic coffee with milk with different kinds latte art ticks Weijie's whimsical mind.

Karmann’s and Eddie’s favourite: Caramel Macchiato

Traditional and strong

Though essentially sweet, a cup of caramel macchiato still holds the strong, bitter taste of coffee - which is exactly what both Karmann and Eddie love.

Jerial's Favourite: Iced Americano 

Minimalistic and a natural epicurean 

A black coffee drinker takes a direct, no-frills approach in life and likes to stay calm while taking charge, much like Jerial.