International Coffee Day With A.R.C Coffee

Inspired by the concept of suspended coffee, we decided to buy our customers a cup of coffee to celebrate International Coffee Day. 

The idea of suspended coffee originated in Italy; in which one buys 2 cups of coffee but only consumes one, which in turn is reserved for the homeless or the poor. In other words, suspended coffee is an act or love and generosity for others. We were inspired by the sincerity behind the idea, and we decided to start this movement in hopes of making someone's day. 

We have collaborated with ARC Coffee, a local cafe located at 29 Sultan Gate. This special cafe aims to serve specialised coffee, incorporating elements of coffee-making, roasting and learning; hence the encapsulation of an Academy, Roastery and Café in a single space. 

The movement was held on 1st and 2nd October, and all customers had to do to get a cup of suspended coffee was to follow our Instagram and like the photo that was posted on 1 October. 

Thank you for sharing with us that you enjoyed the coffee redeemed at A.R.C Coffee!
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