Our Favourite Frames

Most of us at Visual Mass are not blessed with incredible eyesight; and even if we were, we would still be wearing glasses as an accessory still. We wear our glasses from Visual Mass almost everyday, and here are some of our favourite frames, personally picked out by us.


Blake's square and wide frames helps Wei Fan look more mature and professional - which is quite a feat, considering how young he looks (which isn't a bad thing sometimes). With its large frame and thin temple arms, Wei Fan wears it to work and even on weekend, as it "fits [his] face comfortably."

Shujuan's personally owns a pair of Brody in Wine, but since she's been wearing it for quite some time already, we helped her to pick out a new pair of glasses for a refreshing change. Unanimously, we all felt that the MC Dex in gloss black suits her the most. We were all pleasantly surprised by how different she looks with just a change of her glasses. Also, she loves the rimless metallic bottom as it makes her look sharper.

Elijah picks an interesting pair, Chase in Brown Gradation, something that coincides with his fun and outgoing personality. Despite Chase's simplicity, the colour gradation add an unique touch and it draws attention to the eyes even more. According to Elijah, "I like the simplicity and the colour matches my skin tone” - and we think so too.

Jacinta is wearing Julian in Black Gradation that our Co-Founder, Jerial, picked out for her. Its slightly arched brow line and rectangular frame suits her heart face shape most appropriately. Besides, she loves the black gradation that adds an interesting touch.