Our Monthly Team Outing At USS

This time round, we decided to close our store for a day instead of the usual half day off for our monthly team outing.

Since it was a weekday, we thought it'd be less crowded, but we definitely made a mistake going in late at 2PM. The waiting line for the rides were still long, and we were surprised by the long snaking lines and the wait time of at least 1 hour. 

our tinted lenses at USS 

Strangely, it was Eddie’s first time taking roller coasters and we did put in quite the effort to persuade him to take the rides. He did better than expected; we were expecting him to turn pale white from the rides but he actually enjoyed them.

Sze Li also didn’t want to take the Battlestar Galactica but after much encouragement and persuasion, she gave it a try and actually conquered it!

Through their courage, we did learn this: we shouldn’t shy away from things we are afraid of; much like the 90-year-old Singaporean who set the record as the oldest skydiver ever. 

Some of us loved the Battlestar Galactica (Cylon) ride  so much that we actually went to take it several times before the ride closed. 

We also tried the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure for the first time and got ourselves drenched as it was a water ride. The items in our bags were all wet, and we all look like we just had a bath, unfortunately. We enjoyed the various live shows at the theme park too, and we did rush to catch all the rides before the theme park closed. Our greatest regret was not going there earlier. At least, we tried all the thrilling rides. 

Afterwards, we had our dinner at Don Dae Bak (Korean BBQ).. It was small but homely. They serve authentic Korean food and we loved the soy bean paste soup, beef and kimchi. It turned out to be the best Korean BBQ we ever had.

Good things must share so here's the address:  
Don Dae Bak
35 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089000