Trade In Your Old Glasses

We asked our customers, “How often do you change your glasses?”. The most common answer was every one to two years.

We understand that as time goes by, style changes. For those who wear glasses, prescription or otherwise, their change of style is reflected by the type of spectacles they don on. So what do we do with our old glasses in this period of transition?

Most options don’t include donating them to charity, but at Visual Mass we want to make that option at the top of our consumers’ minds when they purchase a pair of glasses from us. Therefore, we have decided to extend last month’s trade-in promotion as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, with the main aim of reducing wastage of used glasses.

For 30% off your next purchase, just trade-in your used glasses* with Visual Mass. We will do our part in the community, by donating your used glasses to the charity organisation, Lions Clubs. 

Lion Clubs is a Singapore-based charity that focuses on community and humanitarian services that aids people of all ages. Your old glasses will contribute to their efforts in sight preservation. They will be donated to Lions Recycle for Sight (LRS), a network that is established to collect used glasses from our local community and to give them to the needy.

At Visual Mass, we want our customers to first look good, and feel good. With the extension of our trade-in programme, our customers can now also do good.

*Used glasses has to be in decent condition for eligibility for the 30% discount