Behind the Scenes of Lucid Collection Lookbook

For this collection, we've ventured out of our comfort zone and gone on to curate a series of tinted sunglasses. Gaining huge inspiration from the phrase, “through rose-tinted glasses”, which is to see things with a pleasant and positive attitude. Sure, we could look at things positively, but instead, we'd like to think that there are more than just a single perspective that one could take. Other than seeking optimism, some of us choose to chase after other values - wisdom, intellect, calmness and human connectivity.

Stemming from this idea, we have created four different coloured lenses and accompanying that, four frames to pick from, so that you'll be able to effortlessly express what you're pursuing in life. We may not be able to have a say in everything, but we can definitely pick our lenses and the attitudes we're adopting towards others. 

Wth that, we would definitely want to give everybody a chance express his or own individuality freely. And so, this collection is made fully customisable, because we understand how everybody is unique in their own different ways. You can therefore select a frame that suits your face shape, and proceed to select the colour that expresses your personality. 

In line with promoting self-expression and individuality, the Lucid Collection is specially modelled by two different individuals; as opposed to just one.

With this collection's lookbook, we hope to show that you don't have to be extremely bold in order to stand out amongst others. With the right style, these brightly tinted frames would be able to blend seamlessly with whatever you're wearing. 

Our model, David, was goofing around despite the bad weather. Sometimes, he can be a little too tall for our photo frames. 

The other model, Kim, had to constantly change on the spot to accommodate our photoshoot's different styles. The ladies in the team helped her throughout to ensure that she was always comfortable. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and it started pouring. But that's the perfect excuse for a midday coffee break! 

We hoped that you enjoyed the visuals as much as we did while shooting them.