MAAD: Chemistry

We'd like to think of ourselves as chemists - conducting chemical experiments, and in doing so, we hope to discover the optimal chemical reaction that produces only the best finding. Akin to a work of science, we too, carefully select and combine the best material and design to create eyewear that's both comfortable and stylish; in other words, the perfect fit. 

So for our latest MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) pop up store, we've decided to go with a chemistry theme. Combining elements such as test tubes, sand and plants, our store was arranged in an earthy, yet minimalistic style. 

To make things more interesting, our first 40 customers for the day were given the chance to handpick a test tube, where each contained not only a thank you note, we also attached a discount code varying from $10 to $25, which can be used for the next purchase. We could sense that everybody was excited to try their hand at this lucky draw; so we'll definitely be bringing it back for our next instalment. 

It was especially crowded that night to say the least, but what made things even more interesting was the appearance of Wang Weiliang, Lobang King from the popular film, Ah Boys to Men. It was definitely a starstruck moment for all of us there.

Despite the crowd that night, we hope that you've enjoyed our pop up theme this time round. We're excited for what's in store for us, so stay tuned.