Why We Are Head Over Heels For Tinted Sunglasses

Vastly different from the popular mirrored shades that offer a loud statement and unique design, tinted sunglasses are sheer and more minimal. This retro 90s style has recently made a comeback, and we're expecting more of these tinted glasses on the runways for the next season.

Courtesy of SHINE Festival.

Courtesy of W Magazine.

Courtesy of Park Sora. Courtesy of Irene Kim.

Courtesy of Yoyokulala.

Courtesy of Ellie Tan.

Other than loving the old school vibe, here are some other reasons why we've been obsessed with them:

  • They are, hands down, more interesting than the conventional black sunglasses.
  • They are essentially a statement-making fashion accessory.
  • Since the tinted lenses do not hide your eyes, it's perfectly fine to wear them indoors; if you were always afraid of being stared at for wearing your black sunglasses on the trains.

And here's the great news: We will be launching a tinted sunglasses collection that will be fully customisable. You'll be able to personalise and select the colour tint you want for your sunglasses. Look out for more exciting details that will be revealed soon.